Wednesday, November 10, 2010

breaking routine

I often times have to go to Starbucks to study (with 6 cats at home and FB it's hard for me to get any school work done at home lol). So where to study? First thing that comes to mind is the iconic symbol of the Starbucks logo. It's often the first place people think of when they think of coffee. I usually have to order cold drinks (the warm ones make me sleepy, making it hard to study) but did you know that, even if you bring your own mug to Starbucks, they still use a plastic disposable cup to measure! How absurd! Everytime I go to starbucks I get upset that I have to use a disposable plastic cup. It never accured to me to seek out another coffee shop that doesn't do that! I've been planning on writing a letter to Starbucks asking them to stop doing that (They can use measuring cups to measure!) If they don't change, I will start a petition! but in the mean time I will start going to another coffee shop that doesn't wait plastic!

We need to step back and look at our habits closely and see if there are things that can be easily changed. Often times there are simple solutions.

Like when we are forced :P to go to a fast food restuarant and we eat we really need a lid on our drink? It's been drilled into us from an early get your cup, you fill it with ice, then fill it with the beverage of your choice, you put the lid on and then insert the straw. But we really don't need that lid if we're just sitting at a table. And do we really need a straw?

It can be quite simple to refuse dispoable plastic. Are you willing to refuse disposable plastic? If so you can take a pledge at

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