Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 3 (and week one...)

Sadly today was soooo busy I only got one photo today, a fork hanging out in my apartment complex parking lot. I saw many plastic bags flying around while driving but was unable to stop to take pictures.

Starting last Sunday I decided to try and keep track of my plastic consumption (as suggested by Beth Terry of for a month. I will keep all the disposable plastic I consume during the week and at the end of the week I will take photos of it and keep track of what sort of packaging it was. It will be embarrassing to show the world all the plastic I consume and throw away :( but the whole point is that hopefully each week we will see less and less plastic in my photos! It is a learning process. This past week I just did my normal thing and didn't go out of my way to try and reduce my plastic consumption because I wanted a base starting line. So last week's plastic inventory...I'd say 95% of it was from food packaging and 5 % of it was from sample sized packages of cat food. I ran out of cat food and had to borrow some of those samples from work, which made a lot of plastic waste :( Here are the pictures from last week of my plastic waste :(

Detailed break down:
only 1 piece of plastic was from something healthy :/ (the green beans)
1 starbucks cup and straw and 1 starbucks lid
6 sample size cat food bags
1 piece of plastic from a girt recieved
half the plastic was from junk food :/
1 birth control thingy
-sadly the only thing recyclable about of all that is the starbucks cup

Looking at it, it almost seems like it's not that much but lets see what that pile of plastic looks like at the end of the month! :/

I'd like to say this next Sunday there will be less plastic in my photos but sadly, it's been such a hectic and stressful week that I fear there will actually be more plastic :( We shall see!

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