Sunday, November 21, 2010

a week's worth of photos

This week has been beyond busy! Luckily I was able to still take photos, it just took me a while to be able to upload them all.  So here they are!

Day 8 (11/15/10)

 Day 9 (11/16/10)

Day 10 (11/17/10)

 Day 11 (11/18/10)
 Day 12 (11/19/10)
 Day 13 (11/20/10)
 Day 14 (11/21/10)

 My friend Pam helping me pick up some of the plastic trash after participating in the LA Solar Eagle event and the Backwards Beekeeping meeting :)

Week 3 of plastic consumption
Luckily this week's disposable plastic consumption was much better than last week's but still not perfect :/ (Also, missing in the picture is a plastic cup I had at a bar, that someone threw away).  Granola bars are my weakness.  I'm always on the go and don't always have time to get something non-packaged so I end up eating granola bars :( (can't wait to go to Henry's bulk bin store when I have free time to get some package free yummy granola!). Both the starbucks and fast food lid, were put on my drink, even after asking the person not to but they say "It's against LA's food sanitation law to not put a lid on the drinks" :/.  I also had a stressful night during the week and binged on several swiss rolls :( Not good for the earth or my body! :( There's a plastic window from a credit card bill and the last two items are a bag from a cereal box and sour cream container :/ (Need to learn how to make my own sour cream!)

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