Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 5, 6 & 7 (and week 2 :/)

These past couple of days have been hectic! Unfortunately day 5 was so busy and I didn't go out much, I wasn't able to get any photos :( (saw lots of plastic while I was driving though!  :()

Day 6 photos

Day 7 photo: Styrofoam cup and a water bottle :/

Week 2 of my plastic inventory:  I knew this one was going to be bad :/ I had a very hectic and stressful week, which means I binged on a lot of packages, processed food :(  Hopefully next week you'll see hardly any plastic!!!!!!!! :)


  • huge plastic bag from cat litter :/
  • more plastic cat food bags 
  • bag of cat treats (someone gave them to me). My cats decided to go in the pantry and tear holes in it to get the cat treats lol Bad kitties, bad! Just hope they didn't ingest any of the plastic :/
  • 2 tv dinner trays and a yogart container (at least they're recyclable) 
  • starbucks cup, starbucks lid and a fastfood soda lid :/
  • packaged snacks, package of cheese (for home made pizza) and wrapper than was around half a water melon.

How embarrassing! It's almost hypocritical to have the 365 days of plastic blog while consuming so much disposable plastic :( But I'm trying to be positive and say this is my learning curve and that seeing myself consume this much plastic (and making myself feel guilty :P and embarrassing myself by letting the world see this) will  help me reduce my plastic consumption.  It'll cause me to think things like "What can I do differently? How can I get this same product/need with out using plastic" It really does force me to think of alternatives, more so than if I wasn't doing this.  It's easy to just go threw life not really paying attention to what you're doing.  This forces me to pay attention.

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  1. even buying produce at a market involves too much plastic. ironic that some processed foods are packaged completely recyclable.

    sometimes i wonder if eating at restaurants can use less resources, because of economy of scale. they use less packaging, their ovens are on constantly so no wasted heat, more efficient cleaning methods etc.

    few of us have the land and free time to compost our own poop and grow our own food.